Simple Steps in Keeping Your Hair Healthy


Celebrities have great hair, there is no hiding this but they also have stylists that keep their every strand of hair in place. This doesn’t mean you can’t have perfect hair like Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Kim Kardashian, though. All you have to do is carefully pick your hairstyle and use products that can keep your hair healthy.

Healthy Hair

Even if you don’t have enough time in the morning, you can follow these tips and avoid the common mistakes of hair styling:

· Don’t work with too much hair all at once. You may notice that professional hairstylists from salons like Rush Croydon use their clips to pin up excess hair. They also start working from the bottom going up. This way, you’re giving your hair a more finished look that can last for a day.

· Always pay attention to your roots. When you are using styling products like Suave’s spray gel and Dove’s hair mousse, you should be concentrating on the roots of your hair, brushing the product up and out, getting a straight down or volume of the hair, giving a more flattering look. You can also get a healthier mane by having healthier roots.

· Make sure that you’re using the right kind of hair brush or comb. There are many women who are not using the right size of the brush for their hair. The rule is: if your hair falls under the chin, use thin brush. For anything longer, it is advisable to use a round brush that are 2” or 3” big.

· Practice routine haircuts because they are very essential, especially in maintaining a healthy hair. Styling and shaping of your hair will be harder for your hair stylist if you are going to their salon every six months. According to hair experts, it would be better to go every 4-8 weeks to the salon for your scheduled haircut.

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