Four High Heel Choices For The Brave

Who doesn’t love shopping for new high heels? I sure do! But now consider this. How crazy do you want your heels to be? Yes, pretty strappy sandals, such as those at the shopping link given, are always easy to find and what we normally wear. But there are some wild and crazy choices out there too for women who dare to wear them!  Below are a few of the wackier, yet still perfectly wearable, heel choices out there.

The below heels have an interesting and sexy look from the use of metal with straps and open spaces. You wouldn’t wear these with just any everyday outfit, but for clubbing they would be perfect when paired with a sexy outfit. They definitely are striking, but my guess is that they are not particularly comfortable!

strappy high heels

Want a little bit of color? These shoes offer an interesting look with lots of gold detail and bright color blocking. With color blocks being trendy, you can be perfectly in style with these heels, provided that you find the right thing to wear with them.  With statement shoes such as these, it might be best to let the shoes speak for the outfit and keep everything else rather muted, although adding a bright handbag would likely add another interesting touch.


Sneakers with heels? Stranger things have happened. They definitely are not for running, but for a sexy sporty look, they just might work! Made by Nike for sportingly brave women.


The zombies are coming! Be prepared with your shoes! these zombie pumps certainly are interesting. They might be perfect for Halloween or maybe for the right club situation. Or get them just to have some conversation starting shoes!


This is just a taste of some of the more interesting and unique heels out there. Do you own any unique shoes? Would you wear any of these?

Anne Klein Bloom Ballet Flat

The Ann Klein Bloom Ballet Flat is an affordable, attractive, and comfortable flat for under $100. So if Tory Burch and the like are a bit out of your price range, this is a good one to look to.   The flat is available in multiple colors.

Anne Klein Bloom Flat

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