How to Choose the Best Luxury Handbag

Luxury, designer handbags are a status symbol. The women who carry these gorgeous bags often feel sophisticated, luxurious and fashionable; even if some do consider an expensive handbag as an indulgence. But a luxury handbag is also more than a status symbol; it is an investment that will last a woman a lifetime. In fact, some women find that their luxury handbags last their entire lives when carried on a regular basis. These bags are expensive because they are made to last, which is why there are several questions to ask before she commiting to an expensive designer handbag.

What to Look For and Things to Consider when Buying a Luxury Handbag


Balenciage City Bag


Is This Bag Worth the Money?

Before you buy a luxury handbag, consider whether or not it is worth the money. In particular, consider whether or not the bag is made of a quality that is good enough to last a lifetime. Materials such as leather and other fine materials will last much longer than a bag made of cloth or other type of fabric.

Calfskin, alligator and crocodile are materials that tend to last forever when cared for properly. And yes, it is imperative that a bag of this caliber is properly cared for if a woman wants it to last a lifetime. Typically, these bags come with their own dust bags for storage and they should not be stored in extreme temperatures, which mean keeping them out of attics and basements. The best place for an expensive handbag is in a woman’s closet or on her arm. Use leather treatment products for cleaning and care. For example, I use Apple Brand leather care products on my Balenciaga Day bag.

Will I Get My Money’s Worth?

Before making an expensive purchase, consider whether or not you will get your money’s worth out of the bag. That means knowing whether or not you will carry this bag enough in your life to make it worth the money that you are spending on it. The best way to know that a bag is something that you will carry forever is to stay clear of trendy designer handbags. This often means finding a bag that is a neutral color, that does not feature the designers name or logo all over it and that will go with any outfit during any occasion.

Neutral colors are not only long lasting, they are classic. A classic camel, black or navy will go with everything a woman wears for the rest of her life. These bags are the most coveted of all; the colorful, trendy bags a woman carries will likely be retired after a few seasons, but a timeless classic will still be stylish in fifty years.

If you do get color go wit a brand that is known for it. Thus, the bag will be in style regardless of any color trends. For example the pictured Balenciaga City bag, even though a bright color (a current trend), comes from a line long known for all sort of colored bags. Thus, if the color goes out of favor, the bag won’t, as it will still be a classic item that is typical to the line.

Check the Style

When investing in a handbag, stick with classic designers such a Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, etc. that have been making luxury bags for decades; these are the bags that never go out of style. Secondly, consider buying a high end designer handbag in a classic style that has been sold decade after decade; this is the bag that will not only work as a status symbol but as a lifetime item.

Size does matter when it comes to handbags. A bag that is too small or too large may not work for a woman every day and therefore, should not be considered. The most important thing to consider when investing in a luxury bag is whether or not it works for your everyday life. For example, a tiny clutch might not cut it.

Buying an investment bag can be intimidating but once you know what to look for and what you want, it becomes an experience you will never forget.

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