Four Boot Shopping Considerations

When it comes to boots, there are many choices involved. With boots being so on-trend for several seasons now, the amount of items to pick from is overwhelming at times. When looking for new boots (link for shopping), here are four things to think about when deciding what to buy.

(1) Length

mid calf boots

Do you want high or low boots? Tall over the knee boots are striking and are in style but can be difficult to wear. They are not as comfortable and they don’t look right with just any outfit. Short boots are cute, but also do not work with every outfit. A good alternative is to get mid calf boots, as those work with most pants and skits and are usually universally in style.

(2) Material

sweater boots

Leather is a tried and true material and you really can’t ever go wrong with it. But other materials are in style as well. Sweater boots are a current trend, as are suede and fake fur boots. The alternate materials are fun, but keep in mind that they may go out of style before the next season starts.

(3) Color

purple boots

would you wear purple boots? Not everyone would. But for the brave, bright and interesting colors in boots are both fun and on-trend. Like with trendy materials, keep in mind that they may go out of style quickly. Often it is best to spend more on classic styles and look for bargain for trends. For the less brave, stick with neutral brown, black and gray shades of boots.

(4) Heel Height


Do you want flats or high heels? Often high heel boots become uncomfortable over hours of wear, but on the flip side, flats often look frumpy.  For a good middle ground, look for boots with a thicker, chunky heel. The chunky heel style is normally not so high as to cause arch pain, and there is more support to the sole of the boot for more comfortable wear that still looks fashionable.

3 Great Boots To Add To Your Collection

Boots play an  important role in your footwear collection and having a pair  of several styles is essential in order to get the right look for the right occasion. Below are four different styles of boots that women adore.

1. Knee Length Boots

Frye Knee High Boots

There are plenty of options when you decide on buying knee length boots. You can buy flat heeled long boots or high heeled fancy boots. There are the cowboy boots which look great with rustic colored dresses and for theme parties.  There are the winter boots which prevent slipping on the snow and sometimes are made of breathable and waterproof Gortex, yet made as a fashion boot.  The Fry Pull On Boot is an excellent all around comfort boot.

2. Ankle Boots

Ted Baker Boots

Ankle boots are a trendy look and are also great for the clubs after the dark. You can select from a variety of heels for your ankle boots. The boots can have stiletto high heels or pencil heels. Some also have a shorter heel if that suits your style.  Choose from your favorite color and your favorite brand and you are all set to hit the floor.  The Ted Baker Pipra Boot is perfect for a high fashion look.

3. Thigh High Boots

Stuart Weitzman Highline

A taller version of the knee length boots are thigh high boots. These tend to make the legs look sexy and chic. Wear them with skinny tights or a short  skirt for a very provocative look.  The Stuart Weitzman Highline is a stunning, yet comfortable boot that is currently 50% off!

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