Botkier Valentina Satchel

The Botkier Valentina Satchel offers a luxury bag a good price (under $400).  The leather bag has a classic look and is soundly made by the ever reputable Botkier. For a classic everyday bag, that looks classy in every way, this is a perfect choice.


Buy the Botkier Valentina Handbag at Shop Bop

Le Sport Sac Kasey

The Le Sport Sac Kasey comes in 20 different colors/patterns. The durable cross body bag is perfect for carrying an iPad and other items, and it is very affordable. The dimensions are 7 and 1/4 inches wide, 1/4 inch” deep, and 9 and 1/4 inches high.

Le Sport Sac Kasey

Le Sport Sac Cross Body

Le Sports Sac Dots

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