Bag Blog Shoe accepts various forms of advertising. Generally, banner ads are offered.

As of December 2011, banner advertising rates are as follows:

Top location right side full banner (600 long up to 160 wide): $20/week. Shorter or half banner: $10/week. 125×125 square is $10/week, mini box type ads are also $10 if above the fold. $5 extra per week for any animated ads or video units.

Above the fold 250×200, 250×250 $20/week. 300×250 $30/week $5 extra per week for animated ads or video units.

Middle of the right sidebar: $15/week for a full banner or 250 box, $20 for 300×250 $10 for a shorter banner, and $10 for a 125×125 or mini. $5 extra for animated ads or video units.

Ads in the footer, regardless of size: $10/week.

Sidebar links may be available in certain circumstances, which include positioning in a clearly marked advertising area and a rel=nofollow tag.  Sponsored or advertorial content may be available under certain circumstances. Such items require clear disclosure and require the use of rel=”nofollow” tags on all links.  Except for very brief posts, rates for sponsored content normally begin at $70 and go upward depending on the size of the post and whether the content is written by us or is provided by the advertiser.

Please note: All links in advertisements regardless of type, will either be set to not pass page rank or will be redirected through an ad server or script so as to not pass page rank. Payment is accepted by paypal or a cleared check before the advertisement runs.

For further information or additional rates, Email Bag Blog Shoe.