5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Ask any woman what she would do if someone surprised her with an extra $1000 and it’s a safe bet that the majority of women will answer that they will splurge on a fabulous pair of shoes. Why shoes hold such a lofty position for women is unknown but one thing is for certain; there is nothing like a new pair of fabulous shoes to make a woman feel confident, sexy and sophisticated. Additionally, what fill most women’s closets are shoes.

Most women own multiple pairs of shoes; many own dozens of pairs of shoes. Everything from tennis shoes to ballet flats to high heels to espadrilles are filling the closets of women everywhere because shoes are an immediate feel good item that women can count on to brighten their mood and their ensemble. When it comes to shoe shopping, there are a few pairs that every woman should own, no matter what. 

Black Pumps

Black pumps are an unquestionable must for every woman to own. A dependable black pump is as important as a little black dress. This shoe goes with just about anything a woman owns and goes from day to night with the change of accessories or outfit. Black pumps with a modest heel between three and five inches are perfect for the office, date night and other events that require a heel. A closed, pointed toe with a closed back rather than a slingback is the most versatile pair of black pumps a woman can own. 

Ballet Flats

Comfort is key, even if it doesn’t always have a place in fashion. Ballet flats are the perfect casual shoe for women because this shoe can run errands, make an outfit trendy and be worn just about anywhere. A neutral color, such as black or blue or camel is the perfect choice because it goes with everything from jeans to a cute skirt. 

Heeled Sandals

Even a woman that doesn’t have much room in her schedule for formal events still needs a pair of evening shoes. A pair of sexy slingbacks with a high heel is perfect for dates, weddings and other formal occasions when a plain heel just won’t due. Woman can even up the fabulous factor by choosing a pair of shoes with a little shine, shimmer or sequin to make their look pop even more. 

Fashion Boots

A great pair of boots is something every woman must have. From tucking skinny jeans into them to wearing them when sightseeing and trying to maintain a comfortable but stylish look, boots are a must. The best boot is a flat boot that is knee high or just below the knee. Women look fashionable and stylish in these great shoes. Camel and black go with almost any ensemble.

Tennis Shoes

They might not be glamorous, but tennis shoes are a must. Women know that fitness is important and therefore it is a no brainer that every woman needs a good, sturdy pair of tennis shoes she can wear to the gym or on a walk or run. Fitness is a feel good, must do activity for every woman in the world, according to medical professionals that impress upon the public that 150 minutes of exercise per week is a sufficient amount to increase overall health and lessen a woman’s likelihood of suffering from major diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Keep buying those fabulous shoes that catch your eye, but first check to see if you have these five amazing, must have pairs of shoes in your closet.

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